Internal AB is a Swedish media corporation based on a wide competence within popular music. The company is over 25 years old and based in Stockholm, Sweden at Warfvinges Väg 34. Owner and acting CEO is Wilhelm Wendt.

The company operates the following business areas:

Premium Publishing
Premium Publishing specializes in books within the field of music! We spend a lot of time on research, always finding the very best images and often providing a listening companion in the form of a bonus CD.

Largest photo archive in Scandinavia specializing in images of rock and pop artists from the 50's up until today. We stock more than 200 000 photos of international and Swedish acts. The archive is searchable with previews of all photos. All the images are in high quality and sufficient enough for a top quality full A4 page in 133 lines/inch.

Internal Digital in Stockholm, Sweden offers various advanced video encoding and compression services utilizing a state-of-the-art equipment for fasts and efficient conversion to- and from all various video formats. Either from master tape or from digital files. We process formats like AVI, mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4, WMV, QuickTime, Real, h.263, h.264 and numerous other formats. On a day-to-day basis we handle orders from various record labels, internet companies, TV-station, airlines and mobile operators. Internal Digital also provides a video master copying service - from any masterformat to any required format. To and from formats like DVD, BETA SP, 1"C, DV, DVC, miniDV, U-matic. We offer a quality service to competitive prices and with short turnaround on deliveries. Among our customers are Universal Music, Warner Music, EMI Music and Swedish Music Hall Of Fame.

A fully owned subsidiary of Internal AB that is operating a music video management service, representing the major record labels Sony Music, Warner Music and EMI Music. Internal Television AB stores currently over 30.000 master tapes in a secure archive and offers more than 33.000 various video titles for immediate access for licensing to TV-stations and TV-production companies.

Other possesions within Internal AB:
Power Music Publishing Scandinavia – A small music publishing company with copyrights to songs like "Don't Wanna Dance No More" and "Jimmy (Don't Need Me Anymore)". Administrated worldwide by EMI Music Publishing.

Internal Masters – A catalogue of master recordings copyrights with among others, the record company Euphonic with all of its recordings during three decades. The recordings comprise artists like Elisabeth Johansson, Kerstin Philipsson, Les Apaches and Jackie Fountains.

Internal Film Properties – Other owned copyrights that comprise music related films with artists like Hep Stars, Tages, Shanes, Streaplers, Mascots, Anita Lindblom, J.P. West and Thore Skogman and Dich Barrymore's classic ski-film from 1987, "Scandinavian Ski Safari".

Internal Consulting – Counselling and project management for external recording companies in A&R and production of compilation CDs and boxsets. "Stora Popboxen" [3 CD's for EMI 1995], "Det Var Bättre Förr" [3 CD for Polygram 1996], "En Gång Till 1979" [for Sony Music 1998 - gold 80.000 ex], "Most Wanted Millenium" [3 CD for Greatest Hits Entertainment 2000] and "Svenska Schlagerjejer" [2 CD for Universal Music 2006] are some of the products.

For more inormation of our Group – please contact us at:

Internal AB
Warfvinges Väg 34
Box 30184
SE-104 25 Stockholm
Telefon: +46(0)8-54568901